Airbnb Talks With URA For Clear Guidelines On Short Term Leasing

Airbnb has discussed with the Urban Redevelopment Authority to establish guidelines on short term leasing, as the home sharing site decided to help the travellers who like to rent their own properties. Those guidelines include homeowners to share their properties

​San Francisco Rejects Restrictions on Airbnb

San Francisco rejected a ballot question that consists of restrictions of user of short term rental websites like Airbnb. Proposition F prevents residents of San Francisco from putting their apartments for rent more than 75 nights in a year. It

Airbnb Seems to Be a Problem for Athen’s City Council

Parents of Ohio university students and others, who visit Athens, consider Airbnb as one of the great options, but some members of the city council consider it as a problem as its users doesn’t have to follow the safety regulations.

​The Study of Airbnb Rentals in Los Angeles Is Not Really What It Seems

Airbnb, the home rental company has experienced some minor attacks in Los Angeles, as the city marked some negative impact in the life of the people there. The study reveals that the actual status of the home rentals in Los